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Welcome to BEAst Portal

BEAst Portal is the construction industry's common portal to handle digital communication between customers and suppliers.

BEAst Portal is the new platform that replaces the invoicing portal eBuild.

Send electronic invoice

The portal is aimed at those who don't have their own system for sending electronic invoices. Sending electronic invoices is easy and free of charge. Register you company and log in. Then you will see what customers you can invoice and within minutes you have sent your first invoice.

The following invoice receivers may be invoiced using the portal:
 ● Beijer Byggmaterial AB
 ● JM AB, JM Entreprenad, Kvarnholmen and all Swedish subsidiaries
 ● NCC - all Swedish subsidiaries
 ● NCC - all Danish, Norwegian and Finnish subsidiaries
 ● Peab - all Swedish subsidiaries
 ● Ramirent AB
 ● Skanska - all Swedish subsidiaries
 ● Svevia AB, Svevia Fastighet AB, Svevia Maskin AB

Receive electronic invoice

Contact info@beast.se for prerequisites to receive supplier's invoices from BEAst Portal.

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BEAst Portal replaces eBuild

With the new portal you will get more opportunity to simplify between you and your customer when we shortly open up for order management (among other things). If you only want to send invoices, things will remain the same.